We hold our values of collaboration, strong professional relationships, and versatility as central to our practice and critical to our success.

about us

We are a small, highly-collaborative team.

Our design team is a group of tightly-knit professionals who all bring our diverse backgrounds to the table, which gives us the ability to see every project from different angles to ensure the best quality outcome.

We are relationship based.

We have sustained our growth as a firm through close relationships with our clients and to the community.

We are versatile in experience.

We focus on a wide variety of project types, from small-scale remodels to large-scale master planning projects.


Where we started

G Squared Design comes from humble roots, starting out in 2010 as a commitment between cousins Jestin Gieck and Cody Gieck to start a design studio dedicated to their values.

Step by step

We steadily built our firm based on close and committed relationships with our clients and on a dedicated passion for our work. This has allowed us to grow healthily as a design studio over the years, gaining many repeat clients and continuing to foster relationships with new clients.

Our development

Over our six years of experience, we have grown from a two-person studio to an eight-person firm with three registered architects across four states, which has given us the ability and opportunity to take on a wide array of project types, from small residential remodels to large industrial projects.

More than a decade


From humble roots to a strong and capable design studio, G Squared Design has built itself according to its values of personal client relationships and approaching every project with a sense of importance and dedication.



At G Squared Design, we know firsthand that the people make the business. Our collective passion for architecture and design remains central to the spirit of our studio, and we have cultivated our work environment to best suit our dedication to our practice. Being a small group of tightly-knit professionals, we are not only coworkers, but also friends. Because our business is relationship-based, we feel that maintaining healthy relationships extends to our entire team, and that this allows for not only a high quality of work, but also a great quality of life both and in out of the office.