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Team Printing

  • 001 Inking
  • 002 Plate Making
  • 003 Inking
  • 004 Inking
  • 005 Plate Making
  • 006 Drying
  • 007 Drying
  • 008 Drying
  • 009 Drying
  • 010 Inking
  • IMG_2611
  • IMG_2610
  • 013 Pressing
  • 011 Inking
  • 012 Pressing
  • 014 Group

In connection with our team building program, Forced Friendship, the team at G Squared Design spent the evening at Red Delicious Press in Aurora, CO.  Before going to Red Delicious Wilson Day gave some direction on how to create negative out of a wood block and told everyone to design whatever we wanted.  Once everyone arrived at the printery we applied ink to our wooden plates and ran them through the press.  The team at Red Delicious was extremely generous with their time and knowledge.  All in all it was wonderful experience and highly recommended by everyone.

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G Squared Bees

  • 007 Hive
  • 001 The Bees
  • 002 Brave Group
  • 003 Austin Suit
  • 004 Jason Suit
  • 005 Cody Suit
  • 006 Wilson Suit

G Squared Design installed a bee hive.  Our resident apiarists, Jason Heard, took the lead in setting up the hive, but there were a few brave assistants that donned keeper suits to assist.  After assembling what will be come the bees' hive, the bees and queen were gently added.  We are very excited to see how our new team members perform over the summer!

Conundrum Escape Rooms Team Event

  • 20170928_170714
  • 20170928_181158

The Team at G Squared Design recently had an amazing afternoon at Conundrum Escape Rooms in Lakewood, CO.  We opted for the Cabin in the Woods room, and with only seconds left on the clock and a few cryptic hints, G Squared Design emerged victorious.  The team at Conundrum was fantastic  and they truly crafted a challenging puzzle.  We highly recommend this activity for anyone looking to build some team spirit or just for a fun time.

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Tough Mudder 2017

  • 0001-Cody-Bars-reduced
  • 0002-Jim-Bars-reduced
  • 0003-Aileen-Bars-reduced
  • 0004-Jestin-Bars-reduced
  • 0005-Group-reduced

G Squared Design recently won four entries to the Colorado Tough Mudder through the Aflac Small Business Challenge.  We thoroughly enjoyed the obstacles and the race truly built up our team spirit.  G Squared Design would like to thank Tough Mudder and Aflac for an amazing race and making our team feel so welcomed.

From the Tough Mudder website:

"Like any Tough Mudder team, small businesses thrive on teamwork. That sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line doesn’t come without a helping hand or three. So to help small businesses like yours succeed, Aflac and Tough Mudder are teaming up to reward small business owners whose team best exemplifies the Tough Mudder qualities of passion, dedication, creativity, and selflessness. All you have to do? Tell us what teamwork means to you."

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Painting With a Twist

  • 001 – Title
  • 002 – Getting Started
  • 003 – Lisa
  • 004 – Group-Halway
  • 005 – Group Done
  • 006 – Group Getting Started
  • 007 – Group

G Squared Design spent a fun and creative afternoon at Painting With A Twist.  Working with Painting With A Twist was breeze from start to finish.  The entire booking process for our group went very smoothly.  As soon as we arrived at their studio they made us feel like we were VIP clients.  Lisa was a very patient and knowledge instructor.  With her easy-going guidance she made all of us feel as though we were accomplished artists.  At the end of our class we had all a finished painting that we were proud to say we painted ourselves.

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CPR Training 2017

  • CPR-1

Over the weekend G Squared Design hosted the team from Heart Restart for a CPR training session.  The program was open to employees and their families.  Our instructor Jenny was fantastic.  She did a great job at answering all our questions and made us feel comfortable throughout the class.  We opted for the American Heart Association Family & Fiends CPR.  This program lead us through three scenarios involving an adult, a child and an infant and trained us on CPR, using an AED and clearing an airway in each situation.


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Houzz Tour: A Serene Cabin in the Colorado Foothills

Recently Catherine Laughlin reached out to us expressing her interest in writing a Houzz story featuring our Coal Creek Canyon Cabin project.  It was wonderful working with Catherine, and we hope everyone enjoys reading her story as much as we enjoyed our work on the Coal Creek Cabin. Houzz Tour: A Serene Cabin in the Colorado…
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Team Building at Unser Karting & Events

  • A-Group
  • Austin
  • Cody
  • Heath
  • Jim
  • Wes

The G Squared Design team spent an evening speeding around corners and zipping down straightaways at Unser Karting & Events.  The crew at Unser Karting was outstandingly accommodating and made us feel like we were VIPs the entire night.  After several warm up laps we climbed into  our carts for the final race.  The final race was intense 12 laps with Cody emerging as the overall winner.

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Congratulations to Mike Watkins, Ben Downey and Luke Ticknor for being chosen as the top three entries in our Holiday Coloring Contest!

1st Place: Mike Watkins

2nd Place: Ben Downey

3rd Place: Luke Ticknor

View the Entries!

  • AddyMaxson
  • AileenGieck
  • BenDowney
  • CaitlinKowalski
  • ChadGieck
  • EricaToren
  • EricPreston
  • ErikJohnson
  • GayleUdall
  • JamieHo
  • JamieMagee
  • LukeTicknor
  • LydiaMaxson
  • MikeWatkins
  • Minor
  • MoeK
  • NatashaHernandez
  • RitaKowalski

Check out all of the amazing works of art that we received back.  Thanks to all those who participated!  We hope that you enjoyed taking a moment and coloring.