Project Highlights

  • CSM Alderson Hall Lab

    CSM Alderson Hall Lab

    Colorado School of Mines came to G Squared Design with the need for significant updates to existing B-Group and H-Group…

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  • Waner Residence

    Waner Residence

    The client came to G Squared Design looking for a fresh appearance to transform their residence of 25 years, the…

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  • Adams Co Animal Shelter

    Adams Co Animal Shelter

    The Adams County Animal Shelter is an ongoing architecture and master planning project centered on a new 45,000 square foot…

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  • Magee Residence

    Magee Residence

    The client came to G Squared Design with a desire to remodel the interior of their existing home, which included…

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  • Brown Bear

    Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear Residence is an ongoing project seated in the foothills of Littleton, CO, near Dear Creek Canyon. The…

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  • SSB


    Their current Space Support Building (SSB) unable to meet their current requirements for their new Commercial Space joint ventures, Lockheed…

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  • Lyle Bathroom

    Lyle Bathroom

    Needing an updated master bathroom better suited to their needs and way of life, the client approached G Squared Design.…

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  • CAM Services

    CAM Services

    CAM Services, a maintenance services company based in the Denver Metro area, came to G Squared Design with a need…

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  • Texas Irrigation Supply

    Texas Irrigation Supply

    Texas Irrigation Supply is located in Round Rock, a town just outside of Austin, TX. The project involved an 11,000…

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  • FarMis-015


    The client came to G Squared Design wanting a new home focused on their land’s view of the stunning foothills…

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  • ASF


    The project involved a remodel of Lockheed Martin’s executive office suites in their ASF building in order to accommodate new…

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  • Regan Residence

    Regan Residence

    The Regan Residence is located on a hillside site in Arvada, CO. The client approached G Squared Design wanting a…

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  • Anderson Residence

    Anderson Residence

    The client came to G Squared Design with a need for significant interior remodels for their existing home, including major…

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  • Stone Canyon

    Stone Canyon

    The Stone Canyon project is a residence located in the town of Oro Valley, near Tuscon, AZ.  The site, located…

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  • Sciaky


    This project was completed in collaboration between G Squared Design and Gayle Udall Architects.

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  • Steelhead


    Steelhead Composites, a manufacturer of lightweight, high-strength storage vessels for weight-sensitive energy and fuel storage applications, needed a conversion of…

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  • SSN


    In order to support NOAA’s Next Generation Geostationary Weather Satellite GOES-R, the project involved 32,000 square feet of modifications. The…

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  • Coal Creek Canyon Cabin

    Coal Creek Canyon Cabin

    The Coal Creek Canyon Cabin sits nestled within Coal Creek Canyon, immediately northwest of Golden, Colorado.  The client, who spends…

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  • CO Convention Center

    CO Convention Center

    G Squared Design has worked on numerous projects with the Colorado Convention Center, doing interior remodels as their needs and…

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  • AHI


    Advanced Hydronics, a Denver based company focusing in radiant heating, solar thermal and geothermal heating and cooling systems, required a…

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  • DBC Irrigation

    DBC Irrigation

    G Squared Design’s very first project was brought to us by DBC Irrigation Company, in need of a new facility…

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