Team Printing

  • 001 Inking
  • 002 Plate Making
  • 003 Inking
  • 004 Inking
  • 005 Plate Making
  • 006 Drying
  • 007 Drying
  • 008 Drying
  • 009 Drying
  • 010 Inking
  • IMG_2611
  • IMG_2610
  • 013 Pressing
  • 011 Inking
  • 012 Pressing
  • 014 Group

In connection with our team building program, Forced Friendship, the team at G Squared Design spent the evening at Red Delicious Press in Aurora, CO.  Before going to Red Delicious Wilson Day gave some direction on how to create negative out of a wood block and told everyone to design whatever we wanted.  Once everyone arrived at the printery we applied ink to our wooden plates and ran them through the press.  The team at Red Delicious was extremely generous with their time and knowledge.  All in all it was wonderful experience and highly recommended by everyone.

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