Design Philosophy

In 2010, cousins Jestin Gieck and Cody Gieck decided together to found a small design studio named G Squared Design, a shared goal of theirs ever since starting out in the architectural field several years prior.

Jestin and Cody centered G Squared Design on a philosophy that focuses on small teams capable of creating top quality projects with incredible efficiency for each individual client and project. This allows us to be involved in all phases of the project to ensure a consistent level of quality, service, and detail from project beginning through project completion. As a result, we have a passionate commitment to teamwork and strong relationships throughout our design process.

Our commitment to teamwork and relationships allow us to combine our diverse backgrounds to create effective and unique solutions for every client and project.

Creating Stunning Architecture

At G Squared Design, we believe that all projects are worthy of attentive and exceptional design.  It is for this reason that we take on projects of all sizes and types, whether it be a small residential remodel or a multi-acre master planning project.

Our architecture focuses on the individual needs of each and every client first and foremost, and it is for this reason that we put such emphasis on our relationships with our clients.  Architecture is most successful when it responds effectively to the needs and requirements of its users.

We treat each and every project with care and attention to detail, and our dedication to effective design remains central to our practice.

Committed Team of Professionals

G Squared Design was founded upon the philosophy of small, highly talented teams creating top quality projects.

We are a team of designers that pride ourselves in maintaining a sense of excitement in our work. Living life to the fullest is a simple philosophy that we all share, and a central idea that is carried through our design process. We all share a passion for architecture and construction, and a strong ambition to see our architecture succeed.

At G Squared Design, we measure our success according to the satisfaction of our clients and the ability of our design to exceed their expectations. We have set out to create places that can be inspiring, soothing, and functional; places that make working, playing, and living more exciting and enjoyable.

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  • Steelhead

    Steelhead Composites, a manufacturer of lightweight, high-strength storage vessels for weight-sensitive energy and fuel storage applications, needed a conversion of…

  • Coal Creek Canyon Cabin

    The Coal Creek Canyon Cabin sits nestled within Coal Creek Canyon, immediately northwest of Golden, Colorado.  The client, who spends…

  • Stone Canyon

    The Stone Canyon project is a residence located in the town of Oro Valley, near Tuscon, AZ.  The site, located…

  • Farquhar-Miskimins

    The client came to G Squared Design wanting a new home focused on their land’s view of the stunning foothills…

  • CO Convention Center

    G Squared Design has worked on numerous projects with the Colorado Convention Center, doing interior remodels as their needs and…

  • Sciaky

    This project was completed in collaboration between G Squared Design and Gayle Udall Architects.




Commercial Design

Effective architecture and design are critical to a business’s success, whether it be facilitating a healthy environment for encouraging teamwork among employees or helping build relationships of the business to its customers and clients.

Residential Design

Our homes are an intimate reflection of ourselves, and are successful when designed in order to best accommodate our ways of living. It is with this philosophy that we approach every residential project in assistance to each client’s individual needs.

Industrial Design

Effective architecture and spaces are central to the success of industrial uses, from manufacturing to storage.  We fully understand that every industry has its own particular set of needs, requirements, and standards, and we tailor our design process to specifically address these needs to ensure spaces for successful industry.

Commercial Interiors

Not every business requires a new building to encourage success. For many businesses, interior remodels and updates can mean a world of difference, especially when a new building is out of the question.

Residential Interiors

Smaller-scale improvements within a home can also help create a more accommodating home for its users.  It is our goal to help our clients achieve a more intimate and successful home through interior updates and remodels.

Master Planning

For large-scale projects, master planning is integral to understanding future design in the context of the surrounding landscape and environment, as well as how individual pieces of a project will relate to each other.  It is with this knowledge that we approach planning for the needs of large-scale design projects.

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