We've set out to create places that can be inspiring, soothing, and functional

places that make working, playing, and living more exciting and enjoyable

G Squared Design is a Denver-based architectural design firm founded on the ideology of small, highly talented teams creating top quality projects. We are a group that prides itself in maintaining a sense of excitement in the work we’re doing. 

We have a passion for architecture and construction, and a strong ambition to see our architecture succeed. We measure our success according to the satisfaction of our clients and the ability of our design to exceed their expectations.

We take on projects of all shapes and sizes

We believe architecture is most successful when it responds effectively to the needs and requirements of its users.


Design Philosophy

We believe that all projects are worthy of attentive and exceptional design.

Our team of design professionals are here for you.

We all share a passion for design, and a strong ambition to see our architecture succeed.

We are a team that pride ourselves in maintaining a sense of excitement in our work. Living life to the fullest is a simple philosophy that we all share, and a central idea that is carried through our design process.


Commercial Design

Effective architecture and design are critical to a business’s success, whether it be facilitating a healthy environment for encouraging teamwork among employees or helping build relationships of the business to its customers and clients.


Residential Design

Our homes are an intimate reflection of ourselves, and are most successful when designed in order to best accommodate our ways of living. It is with this philosophy that we approach every residential project in assistance to each client’s individual needs.


Industrial Design

Effective architecture and spaces are central to the success of industries, from manufacturing to storage. We fully understand that every industry has its own particular set of needs, requirements, and standards, and we tailor our design process to specifically address these needs to ensure spaces for successful industry.


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We are open on Monday – Friday – 8am to 5pm, except on holidays.

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